F•R•I•E•N•D•S : Ross And Rachel Were On A Break Or Not? The Debate Continues

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Whose side are you on when it comes to the Ross-Rachel breakup?

Although it’s been 14 years since FRIENDS aired it’s series Finale, the show remains a pop cultural phenomenon influencing many other sitcoms.

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Nothing is more controversial than Ross and Rachel’s breakup in “The one where Ross and Rachel Take a Break” and over the course the rest of the season this fight is brought up throughout the show.

Source : Warner Bros

No one can forget the famous 5 words: “We were on a break!” These words shook every Friendster – they were discussed in College Libraries and fought over dinner gatherings, gosipped on Social Media for decades.

It’s time to choose Ross or Rachel, So, Here are some Scenarios and Reasons that would help you choose a side

They were on a Break

• They were already growing apart : Ever since Rachel took a Job at Blooomingdale’s, she’s been completely focused on work and kept cancelling plans which may have made Ross get stray away Slowly as he feels that she’s ” Slipping away” also not to forget Rachel blows up their Anniversary.

•Rachel didn’t respect Ross’ feelings about Mark : Ross was uncomfortable when Mark offered to get her an interview at Bloomingdale’s. Ross becomes concerned about Mark and Rachel’s growing friendship. Rachel ignores Ross’ worries and refuses to admit that perhaps Mark ( obviously) has feelings for her. Rachel’s inconsideration only grows, increasing Ross’ jealousy and driving a wedge between them

Rachel said they needed a break : Rachel made it clear it was over and she needed a break from the relationship. Ross however wanted to fix things when he wanted to cool off and take some time off; but Rachel wanted to cut and Run.

They were not on a Break

• Rachel was waiting for Ross : After the fight, Rachel wanted to talk to Ross as she realised she made a mistake in a heated argument but as she finds out about Chloe and Ross, she is devastated


• Ross was guilty : Ross was clearly sorry for his actions and knew he was wrong. If he was right about BREAK thing, he would have never felt guilty.

• “Too soon Ross, too soon” : Ross was too soon in getting in bed with Chloe. True love doesn’t end in just few hours and yes, Alcohol is not an Excuse for sleeping with Chloe that Night.

The Debate goes on but we tried to mention best possible reasons for both sides.

Although there are and there will be many perspectives as per the Viewers

Let us know whose side are you on and why !

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