4th Grade Kid becomes Meme Sensation After Getting Suspended For Selling BAGGIES of Cheetos And Fries In School

9 Year old kid was suspended from school after he was caught selling small baggies of Hot Fries and Cheetos and few moments later his hustle was all over Internet.

It was all cool and calm in Montebello, California until a 4th grade kid Joshua McKenzie ( madeup name ) stepped into the School Premises with small packets of Goodies in his bagpack hoping to make some money and put some cheers over his classmates.

Although, Joshua, a 9 year old kid learned the hard way – that selling contraband has consequences. The young man attends school in Montebello was caught selling little baggies containing between 4 and 6 individual HOT CHEETOS AND FRIES for $20 – $25 cents each.

The young man was making a killing. He purchased large bag of Frito Lay’s HOT CHEETOS and FRIES from a local store, then broke it up into the small baggies.

According to the young man’s parents, Joshua was making between approximately $5 a day in profits.

As soon as school authorities came to know about this young lad’s venture, they just couldn’t allow the PLUG to make all the money. The young man was caught and suspended.

The kid’s hustle became a meme sensation on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

” A dealer was born ” – Facebook : source

Bianca Hemphil, 23, quoted on facebook :-

Young Enterpreneur! I remember all of us selling candy, chips or homemade bracelets back in middle and Jr. High school. Kids can have lemonade stands but they can’t sell Hot Cheetos? Psssh…Let me get some Hot Cheetos and Fries, lil man.”

Susan Rodrigues, 28, from Texas quoted on Reddit :-

This kid should be teaching Economics. Keeping in mind the Inflation on Hot – Cheetos, its demand and supply, he chose it carefully, to sell. Give this kid an award for knowing 12 Grade Lectures

God Bless Internet tweeted :-

The young man might have lost a day at school but won many people’s heart and support. The future rich businessman is in the making. For now we all just have Respect for our lil Comrade.

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