BRITAIN: Pranksters Turn Bicycle Artwork Into a Giant Penis

When it comes to pranks or humor, Britain never fails to surprise us. They are known for turning something innocent into something smutty. That’s certainly the case for some pranksters in Devon who turned a cardboard bicycle into a penis. The bike was laid down on Capstone Hill in Ilfracombe ready for competitors on the Tour of Britain who were coming through the town.

This is what it was supposed to be:

Image 1.jpg

This is what Pranksters did:

Image 2

(image is taken from web, ThinkFree doesn’t claim it to be it’s own property)

Seth Conway (project co-ordinator), said: “Ilfracombe had a rude awakening this morning. Some people obviously thought it would be fun to rearrange the spokes and the wheels.”

He further added: “The bike was designed to highlight the great work of the Plastic Free North Devon organization in helping to clean our beaches and encourage people to cut out single use plastic as much as possible. It was going to be taken down today anyway but someone got there first. They’ve shown some creativity, but it’ll be the bike that’s remembered.”

Moment the pictures appeared on social-media, they went viral and Netizens have called it a ‘Childish Prank.’

That’s it guys, let us know about your thoughts on this prank from Britain. Thanks for reading!

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