TOP-10 Cool & Under $30 Gadgets You Should Own

Who doesn’t like gadgets? In today’s era, every other day we have better and advanced gadgets which honestly make us lazy  but at the same time, save our time & effort. From 5 dollars to 5 million dollars, there are gadgets for everything we want, the only thing to draw the line is our buying capacity. Thus, we at ThinkFree have made a list of different kinds of Gadgets -including the gaming ones, which are cool but also budget oriented. Let’s begin!

#1 – XIAOMI 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset


Xiaomi is known for it’s value-for-money products. Be it a router or smartphone or anything. For every VR lover, this should be the perfect pick. Compatible with any android/ios device with screen size of 4.7-5.7 inch, Xiaomi’s this gadget is cool, useful & the best part is, it won’t hurt your pocket much.

Currently, this headset is available for $13.69 (

#2 – KOTION G4000 Gaming Headset with Mic


KOTION’s this wired gaming headphone is pretty professional, feels premium, has a Mic USB and 3.5 mm audio connector specially designed for PC/Laptop, XBOX One, PS4 and PS3. The blue glowing light makes it’s look terrific and can also be used for decent music listening. This one, is suitable for every gamer who wants a gaming gadget but within his/her budget.

Currently, this headset is priced at $24.49 (

#3 – YOKY a.k.a YOKY TAG


We all keep losing things- such as wallet, keys or our precious phone. Say goodbye to all those worries and get a YOKY Tag. Once you attach this tag with your phone or wallet or anything compatible. With the help of bluetooth, it will work with your smartphone via an official app and locate your belongings by ringing, in a same way our phone rings when called by other device. Apart from tracking things, it also works as a fitness tracker. This is one hell of a gadget for people who often forget their belongings, god bless the creator.

Currently, YOKY tag is priced at INR-999 (

#4 – MI POWER BANK 2i 10,000mah


Sometimes, we all run out of battery and our phone’s 100% battery isn’t enough. Thus, we think of getting a power bank but looking at the rates, we just don’t. Thankfully, MI came up with it’s 10,000 mah power bank which is 14.2mm thin, has two way fast charge, dual USB output and protects device from over-charge/over-discharge thanks to it’s 9 layers of circuit chip protection. Looking at the price tag of rivals, MI’s power bank is the only affordable or let’s say reasonable in terms of pricing.

Currently, this power-bank is priced at $25.98 (



Upcoming important assignments and the light goes out! Don’t worry, ARTIS’s rechargeable LED lamp is here to save the day (or night). Great in design, sleek, compact and amazing brightness are the reasons behind this product’s success. Once charged, the battery lasts upto 5 hours. Has different levels of brightness and is surely value-for-money. This gadget can be extremely helpful to the people who like to work late at night & can’t afford to disturb anyone.

Currently, ARTIS’s LED lamp is priced at INR-859 (



Have you ever been in a situation where you needed water but failed to find pure drinking water? Not anymore, with this another cool gadget by Vestergaard. Lifestraw (200 ml) water purifier helps you to purify water by removing waterborne bacteria, reduces turbidity filtering down to 0.2 microns and is capable of filtering up-to 1000 liters (264 gallons) of water. Along with pure water, it promises you durability and is very easy to clean. This gadget can be handy to people who travel a lot and are very strict with their hygiene.

Currently, LIFESTRAW is priced at $19.95 (



Are you lazy when it comes to turning off the lights which you forgot right after you jumped into your bed? Well, this cool gadget is just for you. Easy to install, you can control this gadget via an app, set timers to automatically turn on-off your lights when you return late night at home and can’t get your hands on the switch by one or the other reason.

Currently, SWITCHMATE is available for $29.99 (amazon)



As the name says ‘silent’, logitech’s this wireless mouse is for professionals who hate the noise while working. It reduces 90% of the noise and you barely hear anything when you click, no matter how hard. Because of it’s size, it’s very easy to carry. Mouse automatically connects to your  computer via a tiny wireless receiver that plugs into your PC via USB port. It’s coverage is pretty good as it can cover up-to 33 feet away from your PC. Battery is outstanding, giving you battery-life of 18 months. This gadget can be helpful to people who usually spend a lot of time with their computers and hate wired+noisy mouse.

Currently, this device is priced at $16.99 (



The craze of Bluetooth speakers have always been high and while there are plenty of speakers out there, which you decide to buy can be tough. BOAT’s these speakers are both waterproof & shockproof. Take it with you in shower or swim with it, speaker remains unharmed. It offers everything you can expect from a high-quality portable speaker. It has superb build and amazing battery life. Sound quality is terrific for the price you’re paying. There are total 5 buttons- play/pause/volume-up/volume-down/bluetooth pairing. The dynamic 40 mm dual drivers deliver a true bass and rhythmic response to the most demanding tracks. It offers a wide frequency range of 40Hz-20kHZ . Talking about rivals, boAt is the clear winner both in terms of pricing & loud sound. Once charged, it can last up-to 8 hours of constant playback. Bluetooth version of boAt 600 is v4.0

Currently, this speaker is available for INR-1893 (



We all run out of storage at one point and deleting all the stuff is very boring. Some buy a memory card whereas some buy pendrive but what if you can use both with a single device? SanDisk’s Ultra USB 3.0 OTG is compatible with any android phone (which supports OTG), Tablets, Windows 7 & high, MacOS operating systems. The operating mechanism is retractable and offers the file transfer speed up-to 130mbps. Within this price range where you just need to pug-in and enjoy, this is an another cool, must have gadget and in budget.

Currently, this gadget is priced at $19.99 (

That’s it guys, got some other cool gadgets to share with? Comment down below! Thanks for reading.

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