How to Grow a Facebook Page Organically in 2018

We’ve all seen those Facebook pages with million of followers and wondered how they got there, right ?
Well, Facebook is not the same as it used to be 6-7 years back, earlier the pages used to get viral in a jiffy, you pay for a couple of paid Promotions on Facebook and your page is gold.
Recently Facebook has updated it’s algorithms and policies so many times that it’s complex to understand what is the SOP to follow.

Therefore, I went forward and asked for the guidelines from one of my contacts at Facebook, here is the reply I got,

We would like to acknowledge you that Facebook has updated organic reach so that it’s measured similarly to paid reach. The new definition counts organic reach when an unpaid post enters a person’s screen. Previously, organic reach was counted when a person had an unpaid post placed into their News Feed, whether it entered the screen or not. You can refer to this link for more detailing on the same subject:
Also we would like to suggest you to increase Engagement by producing higher quality posts. Keep in mind Engagement will be different for every Page. Generally, the most engaging Page posts are short, original, benefit the person viewing the content and connect to your objectives and identity.
Try to use the following types of Posts as people tend to respond well:
-Photos and videos: Bright, colorful images depicting human interaction are particularly successful. These could be photos of a seasonal menu, in-store event, new products arriving or people enjoying their experience with your product or service.
-Facebook Offers: Bring people to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends. Publishing discounts and promotions is a good way to get the attention of new and existing customers.
-Questions: Asking questions encourages interaction and tells people their opinions matter. When you ask for feedback or thoughts, make sure to respond in the comments so people know you’re listening.

Now, even the paid Promotions won’t get you likes because the rates have increased like anything,

The only way possible to get a page with some kick-ass followers is to create original content, try to post things that are related to trending articles and post more engaging content.


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