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How to Livestream PUBG Mobile on Youtube

We’ve seen number of people live streaming their game plays on YouTube, and honestly speaking, most of them are shit.

For those of you trying to figure out how to get your gameplays on YouTube and how to earn money out of it, this article is for you.

Step 1 : Download YouTube Gaming from the Google Play Store, after installing, this is the first screen you’ll get at, select the games and click ‘Finish’.


Step 2 : After finishing the previous step, this page appears, click on the icon enclosed in the red box.


Step 3: A pop up will appear where you have to click ‘next’


Step 4: Select whether you want to live-stream or record the gameplay, select the resolution you want to stream in, the 720P resolution will consume more data than 480P.


Step 5 : Just click on ‘next’ after you read the tips.


Step 6 : A list of apps will appear, select the game you want to live stream and click next.


Step 7 : Add a title and description to your stream, the title should be interesting for the viewers to click on it. You may require a clickbait title to gather some views in the start.


Step 8 : Voila ! Just wait for 24 hours for start streaming.


You can also add donation buttons so that you can earn when you stream your gameplay.